FRP / GRP Cable Tray and Cable Ladder – Plastic Cable Support System

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Plastic FRP or GRP Cable Tray and Cable Ladder supplier in Singapore.

It is a type of Cable Support System made of Fibreglass and are Flame Retardant , Halogen Free and  UV resistant which are suitable for use in outdoor complying to NEMA FG-1 Standard and ASTM E-84 Standard.

They are using used because of it’s light weight , Chemical and Corrosion Resistant Properties.


FRP / GRP Cable Tray / Ladder ( ASTM E-84 , Nema FG-1 )

Description Non-Metallic Cable Support System
Product Category 1) Cable Ladder
2) Cable Tray
3) Cable Trunking
Certification 1) NEMA FG-1
2) ASTM E-84
3) Halogen Free
4) Flame Retardant
Material Fibreglass ( FRP / GRP )