Plug & Socket Receptacle and Interlocking Switch Socket Outlet

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An Industrial Switch Socket Outlet ( SSO ) Receptacle Supplier in Singapore. Interlocking Plug Socket Receptacle or Switch Socket Outlet ( SSO) which are available in 16A , 20A, 32A , 63A and 125A, 150A , 250A.

These CEE Form Receptacle and Switch Socket Outlet ( SSO ) are Certified to IEC60947-3,  IEC-60309-1 , IEC-60309-2 and are also certified to IP54, IP55 , IP65 , IP66, IP67 and IP68.

The Interlocking Socket Receptacle Connector and Switch Socket Outlet ( SSO ) are usually made of Plastic PVC or Poly carbonate , GRP / FRP Fiberglass Material.  Panel Mount type are available for mounting onto Enclosure for use as a Socket Panel or OG Box. Mobile Coupler Extension Design are also available for use as cable extension.

Interlocking Switch Socket Outlet ( SSO ) – 16A , 32A , 63A , 125A

Description Industrial Plug & Socket
Certification IEC 60947-3, IEC 60309-1 , IEC 60309-2 , CEE
Material GRP / FRP , PVC , Polycarbonate , Halogen Free
IP Rating IP44 , IP66 , IP67
Current Rating 16A , 20A,  32A , 63A , 125A , 150A , 250A
Voltage Rating 24V-1000 VAC, 50/60 Hz;
DC Voltage Connector : Upon Request
Mounting Wall Mount