Perforated Metal Sheet – Aluminum / Stainless Steel Sheet / Galvanized

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A Perforated  Aluminum and Stainless Steel Metal Sheet Panel Supplier in Singapore.



  1.  Used as Soundproofing Noise barrier to block off Sound or Absorb Noise to reduce Sound Pollution.
  2.  Used as Acoustic Metal walls or ceiling panel to absorb noise and improve Sound quality and performance.
  3. Improve the overall aesthetic beauty of the wall , ceiling or building .
  4. Perforated Metal Sheet can be used as  Metal Facade and Cladding Panels.


Type of Materials

  1.  Stainless Steel  ( SS316 or SS304 )
  2.  Hot Dipped Galvanized ( HDG)
  3. Aluminum
  4. Epoxy Painted or Power Coated with the color of your choice